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[Condor-users] [Birdbath] Could you help me submitting a job, gracefully?


If there is a line between begging and requesting then i'm on it. If there is none then place me in the former, please.

[1]    PROBLEM

I am unable to submit a job since birdbath's inception. Tired of trying, I always chose to do something different with birdbath. Today I'm using version is 6.7.19. I'm receiving an error saying

Exeption thrown says:

Validation constraint violation: data type mismatch xsd:byte in element <data>

Instruction on which Exception is thrown:

status = schedd.sendFile(transaction, clusterId, jobId, filename, 0, exBuffer);

Function containing above instruction:

sendFileHelper(CondorScheddPortType schedd,
                                   String filenameWithPath,
                                   Transaction transaction,
                                   int clusterId, int jobId)

the example file name:


     String filesToSend[] = {


         schedd, null,
         -1, "S2VP",
         UniverseType.JAVA, "TestJob.class",
         "TestJob", "TRUE", null,


and yes I have changed the line in SOAPScheddApiHelper to

int index = filenameWithPath.lastIndexOf('\\');


TestJob.java is attached to this email. I have tried submitting the same on command line and it executes gracefully.

Now I know there is high probability that i might be doing something pretty stupid but i'm unable to figure out what. Therefore,

a) I will be extremely grateful if you try executing the same file (as attached) at your end and if you do then please send me your amended SubmitJob.java and and SOAPScheddApiHelper.java and anyother related file (if other than this).

b) If above is not possible then please tell me where I'm doing it wrong.

 * <p>Title: </p>
 * <p>Description: </p>
 * <p>Copyright: Copyright (c) 2006</p>
 * <p>Company: </p>
 * @author not attributable
 * @version 1.0

public class TestJob {
  public TestJob() {
  public void printWhatever(){
    for (int i=0; i< 2300 ; i++){
      if (i % 100 == 0) 
      System.out.print(" " + i);
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    TestJob testJob1 = new TestJob();