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[Condor-users] Security concern in CONDOR

Dear All,

This is perhaps a very stupid or naive question.

We are going to setup a CONDOR pool using our PCs in the student labs.
After some preliminary exploration, the result is very promising, in particular that I can now run some simulation jobs from the users
that require the running of MATLAB compiled executables.

However in doing that, I have to process some DOS commands (like expanding of a self-extracted archive...) instead of running
a single executable.  In this case, I have to transmit a BATCH
command file instead.

Out of curiosity, this morning I just inserted another "DIR \" statement
to look at the directory of the hard-disk on the PC that my program was
currently running.  I found that it is not forbidden, and in fact I could
also copy these files into the current CONDOR directory.

I am afraid that if the PC users know that, they will have much objection, as it may really infringe their personal confidentiality.
In fact, they can say that it is another type of virus or Troj planted
by the Computer Centre.

W.K. Kwan
Computer Centre
University of Hong Kong