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Re: [Condor-users] submit a job...

satish catinat wrote:

    From: katish_l1di1@xxxxxxx
    To: tommi.ryyppo@xxxxxxxxxx
    Subject: sumit a job...
    Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 12:43:30 +0200


            I have some problem to submit a Job on my pool. If
    somebody can help me,I will be very thanks.

        * With the command "condor_status", all computer of my pool
          are available. The pool is correctly configure. I can also
          submit a job to computer on the pool. But the problem is the
          submission operation is working only for 1computer

    ==> requirements = (Machine ==
    "smekpc25.ece.hut..fi")                                        #no
    problem with this; the job is correctly submitted to Smek25 only

    ==> requirements = (Machine ==
    "smekpc25.ece.hut..fi")                        #cmd diplays me
    "1job submitted to cluster XXX" and, the job never start up on
    computers. Activities' of all computer of the pool are 'Idle'....

    So where is the problem coming from?

          Then, for submitting the job for all computers of the pool,
          is the command?:         #The pool is composed of Win 2000
          and Xp.

    ==> requirements = (OpSys == "WINNT50") && (OpSys ==
    "WINNT51")                         #or I have to let requirements

The OpSys on a compute node can be either of the above but not both at the same time. Use || instead of &&. If all the computers in your pool satisfy one of these you can drop the requirements.

Cheers, Alex

     BR Satish

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