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Re: [Condor-users] How to force node's state to be unclaimed ?

There are a couple of resons your nodes could be showing the Owner state. The first is the START _expression_ on your machine is set to False. You can check this by running:


            condor_config_val -startd start


On the machine.


If your start _expression_ is complicated than it’s possible that the state of the machine cannot be determined without information from a job classad. In this case Condor shows the Owner state for condor_status queries, but the machine is actually available to run (the right) jobs. An example of this would be the following START _expression_:


            START = (Owner =?= “me”)


This machine will only run jobs submitted by “me”. Condor can’t know if the machine is really available or not when you do a condor_status on this machine so it shows Owner, but the machine is really Unclaimed iff the job that wants the machine has the classad attribute Owner set to “me”.


In either case you can ensure your machine is available to run jobs by setting:


            START = True


In your condor configuration file.


- Ian


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Hi all:

I have a Condor pool under linux. After I start condor_master on each node of the Condor pool, all the nodes always stay in Owner State even nothing run on these nodes. Can anyone tell me why?

Is there a way to force the state to be unclaimed?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best wishes. 

Yufang Zhang