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Re: [Condor-users] Windows Vista

It's worth mentioning that I got the Vista machine to join the pool.

I had, in our central config script, set:

RELEASE_DIR = /abc/condor
LOCAL_DIR = /abc/condor/local.$(HOSTNAME)

The thinking was that would allow us to put the entire installation on
c: or d: or e: or whatever. This approach has worked so far with WinXP
and we often install to either c:\abc\condor or d:\abc\condor and both
types of machines are able to use that central configuration file
without any issues. So on the Vista machine I had installed the packages
on e:\abc\condor (Vista seems to have some very strange drive letter
naming ideas). Apparently this approach doesn't work with Vista. Once I
moved all the Condor software back to c:\abc\condor it worked.

I haven't run any jobs through it yet but it joined the pool and I was
able to see it in my condor_status output.

- Ian