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[Condor-users] job submssion fails with SSL in 6.8.4

Dear All,

I've been trying (with out much luck) to get SSL authentication 
working with win XP under condor 6.8.4. If I try to submit a job
from a remote schedd to the win PC it goes to matched and then (briefly)
to the claimed state but then fails on the SSL auth. Presumably this is 
were the schedd (client) contacts the startd (server) ? 

I've tried starting a schedd on the win PC to try and what's going on 
but now I can't even submit jobs on the win PC. I get this

C:\>condor_submit host.sub

Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Failed to set Owner="smithic" for job 5.0 (0)

ERROR: Failed to queue job.

This is the same problem raised ( but unresolved ? )in


I think I've stripped the config down to the bone:


AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CAFILE =   c:\condor\ssl\ca\ca.crt
AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CAFILE =   c:\condor\ssl\ca\ca.crt

AUTH_SSL_SERVER_KEYFILE =  c:\condor\ssl\client\kosart.key
AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_KEYFILE =  c:\condor\ssl\client\kosart.key

AUTH_SSL_SERVER_CERTFILE = c:\condor\ssl\client\kosart.crt
AUTH_SSL_CLIENT_CERTFILE = c:\condor\ssl\client\kosart.crt

so I can't see what's wrong. 

any ideas ?

thanks in advance,


Dr Ian C. Smith
e-Science Team,
University of Liverpool,
Computing Services Department45
internal: 4 3745