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[Condor-users] Condor on 8 core Apple Mac Pros

If we buy a (or several!) 8 core Mac Pros, can we be sure Condor will spot all 8 and run well? I know the answer from the user community is "we don't know yet" but someone may have early sight of such.

It would also be nice if "run well" included:
- on Mac OS X, Intel native (but the current Rosetta based code does work well) - on Windows XP SP2 seeing up to its 4GB limit (currently something I think in the Mac Pro's bios limits XP to 2GB)
- on Windows Vista (but see previous)
- on Windows 64 (max RAM no issue but drivers?)
- on Linux (any distribution) but again need to see all RAM and all cores

It would be nice, and not too hard, to set up these beasts to multi boot to any of the above, making a dedicated Condor pool reconfiguarable as users' need change.

Comments most welcome.

Ian Cottam
Information Systems Manager
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre
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The University of Manchester
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