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As you mentioned there is some problem in the network setup for shared file system.


To run the job in the non shared file system, just add these two lines in your job description, your job should run.


should_transfer_files = YES

when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT


Hope it helps.




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 I have setup condor for 4 machines on linux(fedora core 3) . one machine is made server with DNS,NFS services running on this machine. The /usr/local and  /home   directory is shared through NFS by all the other three machines. There is condor user on all the machines. I have installed condor on the server machine as central manager in  /usr/local/condor folder.

 After installation when i submit the job from condor user from other client machines, the job is put into a queue and it will show idle in the status.

How do I run my job? Could any one help me out with this problem.

 Also if any one could tell a proper pre-network setup required for 4 machines for installing condor.(A perfect LAN network for proper communication between all the machines) because I think the job is not running due to lack of proper network setup. May be all the machines are not communicating properly.

  Thanking you, eagerly waiting for reply