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[Condor-users] large files problem


Does condor support large files?

I'm investigating a problem related to condor, where no files bigger
than 2 GB can be written using the standard universe. The condor
version used in our cluster is:

$CondorVersion: 6.8.2 Oct 12 2006 $
$CondorPlatform: X86_64-LINUX_RHEL3 $

And here's a short Fortran program that can be used to reproduce the
problem. Warning: it writes a 2.6 GB file, so be sure to have enough
disk space before running it.

     program genbig
     parameter (N=1024)
     real array(N*N)
     do i=1,640
     write(10) (array(j),j=1,N*N)

When compiled without using condor_compile, and run locally, it
generate a testfile of size 2.6 GB, as expected. When run on condor,
using a vanilla universe (so still without using condor_compile), it
works correctly and writes a 2.6 GB testfile.

BUT: when compiled using condor_compile, and run locally on the shell,
it only generates a 2.1 GB file, and then exits. When compiled with
condor compile and submitted to condor using the standard universe, it
writes a 2.1 GB testfile and terminates with

(0) Abnormal termination (signal 11)

Of course, this is a problem, as every single test should generate a
2.6 GB file. Is there a way to fix this problem with condor, or
identify what's the cause of it?

This is only a short program to reproduce the problem; our scientific
code is not as naive, and requires the use of the standard universe in
order to take advantage of the checkpointing.

Any help will be appreciated.