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[Condor-users] Maximum running time for jobs

hi all,

I would like to implement a new policy in our condor cluster.
What I would like to do is simple: kill the job that are running more
than three days. To do that, I had this line in the condor_config
(shared by NFS on all the nodes) :

"SYSTEM_PERIODIC_REMOVE = ((ServerTime - JobStartDate) > 259200)"

But it doesn't work ...

Anybody have a idea to do that properly?



Fabrice Charlier - charlier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

UCL  - Université Catholique Louvain
FYNU - Institut de Physique Nucleaire
Batiment Marc de Hemptinne (Cyclotron) - Bureau E.253
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B 1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

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