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[Condor-users] Fwd: why my submitted job is not running and condor_config.local file in hosts folder empty

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From: VIT Students <vit.gridproject@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Apr 8, 2007 7:47 PM
Subject: why my submitted job is not running and condor_config.local file in hosts folder empty
To: alchipx@xxxxxxxxx, epaulson@xxxxxxxxxxx , M.Calleja@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


 I have setup condor for 4 machines on linux(fedora core 3) . one machine is made server with DNS,NFS services running on this machine. The /usr/local and  /home   directory is shared through NFS by all the other three machines. There is condor user on all the machines. I have installed condor on the server machine as central manager in  /usr/local/condor folder.

 After installation when i submit the job from condor user from other client machines, the job is put into a queue and it will show idle in the status.

How do I run my job? Could any one help me out with this problem.

 Also if any one could tell a proper pre-network setup required for 4 machines for installing condor.(A perfect LAN network for proper communication between all the machines) because I think the job is not running due to lack of proper network setup. May be all the machines are not communicating properly.

There is one more problem that i am facing with :
 The condor_config.local file located in the client specific folders in hosts folder  would be empty .

Actually i would get one condor_config.local file in /home/condor/condor_config.local.This file would have some contents about the central manager.but other condor_config.local files  located at /home/condor/hosts/client1/condor_config .local    would be empty.

what should i do?

well i tried replacing  the outside file into all the client files.well i am not sure about it.so what am i supposed to do ?
Is it due to some kind of installation mistakes.But i have followed all installation details properly.there was no mistakes in it.

  Thanking you, eagerly waiting for reply