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[Condor-users] gt4_gram_client_job_callback_register() failed Problem

I have submitted some 80 jobs with condor-g to globus WS-gram which uses condor as local job manager.
I am using Revisions:
>>$CondorVersion: 6.7.19 May 10 2006 $ $CondorPlatform: I386-LINUX_RH9 $
>>globus WS-GRAM 4.0.3

one of the 80 jobs somehow produced:
>>4/21 12:42:00 [27020] gt4GramCallbackHandler: Can't find record for globus job with contact >> on globus state StageIn, ignoring

as a follow-up this jobs alway stays in condors_q state 'I' and the gridmanager logs:
>>4/21 12:47:16 [27020] (3904.0) gmState GM_PROBE_JOBMANAGER, globusState 32: gt4_gram_client_job_status() failed

as further follow-up no condor-q job submission is possible anymore. The logging of the gridmanager stops. All newly submitted jobs stay in condor_q 'I' state. After a condor_restart the jobs still stay hanging in 'I' state and the gridmanager logging stops with the last message:
>>4/21 13:19:21 [4403] (3904.0) gmState GM_REGISTER, globusState 32: gt4_gram_client_job_callback_register() failed

What do I have to do to get the system correctly running again (without restarting globus and condor or even rebooting)?
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