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[Condor-users] Myproxy credential refreshment and Condor-G


I am trying to understand how to refresh proxy credential for a long
running job that is submitted to a gt4 resource using condor-g.  So
far I gathered from the condor documentation that credential
refreshments are supported for gt2 type jobs only, but  a post from
Jan 2006 by Jamie Fray informs that this will be available in the,
back then, next release
Is this functionality in place in 6.8.4 version of condor?

I did a bit of testing by submitting a long running grid job with
short lived credentials and I noticed the following line in the
/tmp/Gridmanager.$USER file
/tmp/GridmanagerLog.nayden.old:4/21 14:11:46 [20789]

This leads me to *think* that the gridmanager is attempting to renew
the my job credentials, but the operation is failing for some reason.
Any idea of what might be the problem, provided that feature is
supported in the current release?