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Re: [Condor-users] Windows 2000 Server + Condor

On 4/21/07, Andrew Cunningham <andrewc@xxxxxxx> wrote:
        There was some old references when googling "Condor+Windows" that
Condor was incompatible with Windows 2000 Server - I have had some
issues with using a Windows 2000 Server with certain jobs hanging.
Are there any known issues with W2K server + condor?

I don't know of any issues but our farm's execute nodes used XP until
win 2003 server came out and was deemed stable (the central manager
was running 2000 server but not for long, it was upgraded well before
the execute nodes).

Unless cost is a factor I would urge going to 2003 server. It has
several internal improvements, notably NUMA support (which makes a big
difference for multi socket opteron systems).
The minor hassle of tweaking a few permissions (2003 server has much
stricter default permissions) is well worth it.

You of course may have no control over this, in which case someone
else here might have experience with condor on Windows 2000 Server....