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Re: [Condor-users] Collecting condor_history like output

Rob McCauley wrote:
Hello, all.

I'd like to put together a reporting function that would collect the
contents of condor_history and give periodic usage summaries by user.
I'm running into the problem that condor_history seems to be a
local-only command.  Is there a way to get the information contained
in condor_history at the central manager without going to each submit

Any advice will be most appreciated.

Couple ideas:

If you don't need history about the specific jobs submitted by the different users, condor_history may be overkill.

condor_userprio uses centralized info (at the central manager), and can give you a breakdown of compute hours delivered per user.

condor_stats uses centralized info (at the central manager, and can give you a breakdown per user over periods of time of compute hours, jobs running, jobs idle.

The CondorView client is essentially a script that massages the text output from condor_stats into pretty HTML web pages like this:
Note the "Pool User Statistics" info on the right hand side.

Just some thoughts, hope it helps,