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[Condor-users] Request to run on <...:...> was REFUSED

Hi everybody,

I have a problem for all jobs I want to submit from a user account which is not condor. Jobs run well on the condor account.
I have this error in ShaddowLog : 
8/9 15:06:06 ******************************************************
8/9 15:06:06 Using config source: /home/condor/condor_config
8/9 15:06:06 Using local config sources: 
8/9 15:06:06    /home/condor/hosts/birch/condor_config.local
8/9 15:06:06 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <...:...>
8/9 15:06:06 Initializing a VANILLA shadow for job 198.0
8/9 15:06:06 (198.0) (2543): Request to run on <....:....> was REFUSED
8/9 15:06:06 (198.0) (2543): Job 198.0 is being evicted
8/9 15:06:06 (198.0) (2543): logEvictEvent with unknown reason (108), aborting
8/9 15:06:06 (198.0) (2543): **** condor_shadow (condor_SHADOW) EXITING WITH STATUS 108

when it's running a little I ca see this in Log file :
022 (198.000.000) 08/09 15:06:04 Job disconnected, attempting to reconnect
    Socket between submit and execute hosts closed unexpectedly
    Trying to reconnect to vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <...:...>
023 (198.000.000) 08/09 15:06:04 Job reconnected to vm1@... 
    startd address: <...:...>
    starter address: <...:...>
007 (198.000.000) 08/09 15:06:04 Shadow exception!
	Error from starter on vm1@...: Repeated attempts to transfer output failed for unknown reasons
	0  -  Run Bytes Sent By Job
	771963  -  Run Bytes Received By Job

and this in StarterLog file :
DoUpload: STARTER at ... failed to send file(s) to <....>; SHADOW at ...failed to receive file /home/sp5978/tests/R/out1/condor_output

Has someone any idea of how to solve this problem?


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