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Re: [Condor-users] Job rejected because ImageSize is too big


How big is the executable? This sounds very large. If you type condor_status you can see how much memory Condor thinks the machine or slot has. If it says 900 this is 900Mb.

In your submission file you can use this value as the minimum amount of memory for the job.

Hope this helps.

Si Hammond

On 15 Aug 2007, at 21:22, David Brodbeck wrote:

I've got a Vanilla universe job that was idled after 1 hour and 45 minutes of runtime due to this:

    Condition                         Machines Matched    Suggestion
    ---------                         ----------------    ----------
1   ( ( 1024 * target.Memory ) >= 9140000 )0                   REMOVE

What's the best way to override this in the submit file?  Should I be setting Memory on the requirements line, or should I be overriding the computed ImageSize somehow?  I know the figure must be wrong because the machine only has a total of 4 gigs of ram and 2 gigs of swap, so the process would have exhausted available memory and died if it were really that large.

David Brodbeck
Information Technology Specialist 3
Computational Linguistics
University of Washington

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