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Re: [Condor-users] Running programs that are already installed on allmachines in the pool

Note that cygwin will need to be installed for "all users".

I assume this is true in your case, but worth mentioning since I lost
a lot of hair trying to work out why things were working on some of our
windows machines and not on others.

You might want to use "/bin/bash -l" to get a login shell, that way more of the
usual things will be setup for the user (like PATH for instance)

If I remember it correctly, something like the following should work OK:
* Tell condor_submit NOT to transfer executable
* executable=/bin/bash
* arguments="-l -c <put your script in here with its parameters>"

You might have trouble passing ">" and "<" as parameters and extra care will
be needed if you need embedded quotes



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> Hello,
> I would like to run Executable=bash with different scripts as inputs.
> bash is already installed, as part of cygwin on all of the machines in
> the pool. Thus I want condor to use the bash on each machine and pass
> one of the queued scripts. Is this possible?
> More generally is it possible to tell condor to look for the 
> executable
> on the machine that a queued job is running on, rather than 
> copying the
> executable over to the machine?
> Note that if you use a submit script that specifies bash as the
> executable it will simply complain giving "ERROR: failed to tranfer
> executable file".
> Kind Regards
> Ashley Mills
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