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Re: [Condor-users] Windows Vista

> Hi all,
> I am very new to Condor. I just wanted to know if Windows XP setups
> will work in Windows Vista systems. Has anybody experienced it?

Vista support will be official in 6.8.6. See:


I have two Vista machines in my pool now, a 32-bit and a 64-bit machine,
running 6.8.5. They were not easy to get setup. The registry access on
Vista is protected by all kinds of nasty bits of security. Presumably
this makes me Safer(tm) but I have my doubts that it's actually doing
anything other than annoying me immensely. Condor 6.8.5 runs on Vista.
It can fork jobs. Job behavior varies depending on what tools you're
running. Tools that need registry access or remote share access seem to
be the worst ones to work with. This is not any fault of Condor, it's
all part of the nastiness that is Vista.

If you'd like to see the condor_status -long output from a Vista machine


And there's a few threads of Vista available in the archives. Go here:


And search for "vista".

- Ian

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