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[Condor-users] excel on condor

Title: excel on condor

et al,

new user to condor.

we have an excel workbook app that we would like to run multiple times on
our condor cluster as a test. if the test is successful then we will move
our bigger excel models over for multiple runs.

this some things that I have tried.

I noticed that I can start the workbook from the command prompt just by
entering the name at the command prompt. this will start the excel app
running. armed with this knowledge I built a "submit" file for the
condor_submit command that looks like this.

universe = vanilla
executable = c:\sdk2.xls
error = c:\sdk2.err

when I run this file with condor_submit, the command runs with no errors, a
computer in the cluster is "claimed" and nothing happens. the app should
take about 15 minutes to execute, but is over in a couple of seconds.

does anyone have any working knowledge of launching excel apps on condor?

jeff tkacheff

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