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[Condor-users] automated email

Hi everybody,

How could I remove the automated email when a job is finished? Emails like this :

This is an automated email from the Condor system
on machine "birch".  Do not reply.

Condor job 472.0
has exited normally with status 1

Submitted at:        Thu Aug 30 12:21:33 2007
Completed at:        Thu Aug 30 12:21:36 2007
Real Time:           0 00:00:03

Virtual Image Size:  0 Kilobytes

Statistics from last run:
Allocation/Run time:     0 00:00:01
Remote User CPU Time:    0 00:00:00
Remote System CPU Time:  0 00:00:00
Total Remote CPU Time:   0 00:00:00

Thank you a lot

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