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Re: [Condor-users] Networking problems

On 8/30/07, Philip Crawford <p.crawford@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's a while since I did much with Condor but there was a registry setting
> which needed to be adjusted to allow many concurrent jobs on Windows. My
> memory is rather vague but I think in Condor.ini there is a limit for number
> of concurrent jobs. Worth looking at.


(also MAX_JOBS_RUNNING needs changing)

A decent fast XP box (over a GB of memory and a reasonable disk write
speeds) doing nothing else with this halved heap space should go to
near 200 without too much coaxing so long as you keep the queue length
below 20 thousand or so. (very rough numbers - do your own testing!)

A win2003 server seems to handle 200 just fine out of the box (same
constraint on jobs in queue)

This is for 6.8 - latest 6.9 may be considerably better...