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Re: [Condor-users] Getting Matlab to run with an M-file on Condor

More information:

matlab -version works in a submit file, and prints the correct version
matlab -log ml.log is supposed to log all command window output to the
log file, including error information. If this is done via a submit
file, ml.log is produced but it contains nothing. So part of matlab is
definitely being executed, but it doesn't go all the way.

Is it possible to have condor masqarade as another user? I am wondering
because it could in principle be a matlab license issue, but then that
wouldn't explain why test.err and test.out are completely empty.


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>OK it would seem as though one can have a job that pops up a 
>window. I just tried using 
>executable=C:\WINDOWS\sytem32\sol.exe, i.e solitaire and it 
>execute and appears to run indefinitely. Thus now to tackle 
>matlab, I am beginning to think you might be right about the 
>environment issue.
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>>OK Thanks for your response.
>>>We've ran a lot of Matlab under Condor albeit using precompiled 
>>>executables and it can be *very* difficult to track these 
>things down.
>>We can't use precompiled executables because the software is actually 
>>written in Simulink and parts of it are not supported by Real Time 
>>>Once thing I noticed is that's it's exec'ing "C:\Program Files 
>>>- is that correct or should it be without the .exe as you'd
>>type it on
>>>the command line. Also does Condor parse that string OK with
>>the space
>>>it ?
>>I have no idea. I assume it is parsing it correctly given that if I 
>>just try using "matlab" as the executable, condor will 
>complain that it 
>>cannot find the executable. But when the above string is used, there 
>>are no complaints and it says the job was executed.
>>>What is the default behaviour of this in the absence of an
>>input file ?
>>I don't know. If it were a normal matlab, it would just open and do 
>>nothing, I mean if you run "matlab" from the command line, 
>that is what 
>>it does. But condor shouldn't be able to tell the difference, 
>it should 
>>just see it as a forver running program?
>>>Does it exit straight away or pop up a window. In our Condor,
>>under XP,
>>>popping up a window kills the job immediately but - here's
>>the catch -
>>OK so are you saying that Condor will kill any job that pops up a 
>>window? Well that would explain everything because matlab pops up a 
>>>Also does the interpreted version of Matlab need to access any DLLs. 
>>>If so can the job find these in it's path (this will usually
>>be null by
>>>default) ?
>>What do you mean by the interpreted version? Could this be my flaw, 
>>assuming that actual matlab will run?
>>I used getenv = True, and the thing works from the environment from 
>>which condor_submit is called.
>>>A DLL error will again pop up the window of death.
>>>Our executables are generally wrapped in a .bat file and the 
>only way 
>>>of getting to the bottom of some of the problems has been to
>>put a big
>>>sleep into it then login to the execute host and have a poke
>>around in
>>>condor execute dir. Try blowing away your environment so you get the 
>>>same kind of shell as the Condor job then try running the .bat file.
>>>Many times I've found the problem has been a missing DLL.
>>>(More on the website: http://www.liv.ac.uk/e-science/condor/matlab/)
>>>Dr Ian C. Smith
>>>e-Science Team,
>>>University of Liverpool,
>>>Computing Services Department
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>>>> VF-Group
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>>>> To: Condor-Users Mail List
>>>> Subject: [Condor-users] Getting Matlab to run with an M-file
>>>on Condor
>>>> I'm having a problem getting matlab to run which seems to be
>>>very hard
>>>> to diagnose. I'm using the following submit
>>>> file:
>>>> ---- BEGIN SUBMIT FILE ----
>>>> Executable = C:\Program Files (x86)\MATLAB\R2007b\bin\matlab.exe
>>>> Universe = vanilla
>>>> Log = test.log
>>>> output = test.out
>>>> error = test.err
>>>> getenv = True;
>>>> transfer_executable = False
>>>> should_transfer_files = YES
>>>> when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
>>>> initialdir = out
>>>> transfer_input_files = t:\ashley\test\condor_test\mlab\j1\run.m
>>>> Queue
>>>> ---- END SUBMIT FILE ----
>>>> As you can see, I just want to run matlab with no arguments. 
>>>> This is a test. I actually want to run it with arguments,
>>but when I
>>>> run it with the argument "-r run" and run.m is one of the files 
>>>> transferred, I get the same response as when no arguments are ran:
>>>> Matlab exits immediately and doesn't run the m file, I know this 
>>>> because I made a really simple m file that just tried to 
>write to a 
>>>> file, and it didn't.
>>>> Here is the starter log:
>>>> ---- BEGIN STARTER.SLOT1 LOG ----
>>>> 1 11:47:52 Starting a VANILLA universe job with ID: 108.0
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Tracking process family by login "condor-reuse-slot1"
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 IWD: C:\condor/execute\dir_7052
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Output file: C:\condor/execute\dir_7052\test.out
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Error file: C:\condor/execute\dir_7052\test.err
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Renice expr "10" evaluated to 10
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 About to exec C:\Program Files 
>>>> (x86)\MATLAB\R2007b\bin\matlab.exe
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Create_Process succeeded, pid=5992
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Process exited, pid=5992, status=0
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Got SIGQUIT.  Performing fast shutdown.
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ShutdownFast all jobs.
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ERROR: C:\condor/execute\dir_7052 still exists after 
>>>> trying to add Full control to ACLs for PRIV_ROOT
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 **** condor_starter (condor_STARTER) EXITING
>>>> 0
>>>> ---- END STARTER.SLOT1 LOG ----
>>>> Here is the Shadow log:
>>>> ---- BEGIN SHADOW LOG ----
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ** condor_shadow (CONDOR_SHADOW) STARTING UP
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ** C:\condor\bin\condor_shadow.exe
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ** $CondorVersion: 6.9.3 Jun 13 2007 $
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ** $CondorPlatform: INTEL-WINNT50 $
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ** PID = 4336
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 ** Log last touched 8/31 11:47:27
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Using config source: C:\condor\condor_config
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Using local config sources: 
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52    C:\condor/condor_config.local
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
>>>> 8/31 11:47:52 Initializing a VANILLA shadow for job 108.0
>>>> 8/31 11:47:53 (108.0) (4336): Request to run on
>>><> was
>>>> 8/31 11:47:54 (108.0) (4336): ZKM: setting default map to (null)
>>>> 8/31 11:47:54 (108.0) (4336): Job 108.0 terminated: exited
>>>with status
>>>> 0
>>>> 8/31 11:47:54 (108.0) (4336): **** condor_shadow
>>>> ---- END SHADOW LOG ----
>>>> So it all seems like there is no problem, the job is exiting with 
>>>> status 0. But why is it exiting at all? If I run matlab with no 
>>>> arguments it should never exit right?
>>>> Ashley Mills
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