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Re: [Condor-users] EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED kills off wrong processes?

The semantics of EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED are dangerous in the 6.8 series. This is fixed in the 6.9.3 release. The problem is that it doesn't distinguish between jobs that ran with the dedicated batch-slot account vs. ones that ran as some other user id that is not necessarily dedicated to one batch slot. In 6.8, Condor on unix will only use the VMx_USER accounts if the UidDomains of the submit and execute machine are different, so you have to be careful never to specify EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED=True if the UidDomains are the same.


Matt Hope wrote:

On 8/30/07, Antonio Garcia Dominguez <antonio.garcia.dominguez@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello all,

I wanted to test EXECUTE_LOGIN_IS_DEDICATED, so I created two system accounts under my Ubuntu Feisty system:

sudo useradd -r nobody1
sudo useradd -r nobody2

Then I added the following lines to my condor_config.local file:

VM1_USER = nobody1
VM2_USER = nobody2

Submission works, and jobs are completed, but the wrong processes keep getting killed off: in particular, all X and shell sessions are killed. Why would this be?

1) check who your jobs are *actually* running as. (pslist -e when it's
running, but before it kills your shell :)

Guess: your test jobs run as you, not as the VMX_USER thus - on
killing all that users jobs it kills your logins.

To test I suggest submitting some jobs as a different user - at least
then you can debug it without having to restart everything each

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