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Re: [Condor-users] deny jobs, but letting the que run.

I could be wrong, but I think that will kill the schedds; jobs already
running will run to completion; but jobs in queue that haven't started
will not start.
Maybe "-peaceful" could be added too, that might help
Sorry I am a bit imprecise on this.
PS you could always find a machine with no jobs in the queue,
submit some jobs and then do the condor_off on it, that would tell
you if it works as you intend or not.
PPS I remember using condor_off once, and then realising that I couldn't
do condor_on to reverse it - be careful.


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Subject: Re: [Condor-users] deny jobs, but letting the que run.

2007/12/3, Bjørn Dyre Dyresen <bjorn@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Hello Condor user.

I am administering a smallish condor cluster here and I am upgrading it from 6.8.5 to 6.8.7 Everything seems fine so far. I need to create a service window where I can start up the new version. One of the users currently have  a few hundred jobs in que. I want to let all of these jobs run, but deny any more jobs started until I can finish the upgrade? Is there a easy way to fix this? All of the computers are now allowed to submit jobs. I would be happy to not have to go onto each explicit deny logon. Is there something I can do to the master? I'm sure this is covered somewhere in the manual just that I can not see it.

I am pretty new to condor so please bear with me :)

Best Regards

Bjørn Dyresen.

condor_off -all -schedd

Is this what I am looking for?