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[Condor-users] Mixed 6.8.6 and 6.9.5 installation

Hi folks,

We have a cluster of 240 processors, managed by condor v6.8.6, and have some users who would like to schedule 1000 jobs at once. At full throttle I can imagine seeing 5000 jobs in under condor_q if we let the users run free.

I understand that schedd and other daemons are single threaded, and with that many jobs can show significantly reduced performance, but that in v6.9.5 this has been refactored, which is a significant attraction to the development series.

My question is how one might make use of the updated condor daemons on the frontend and submit machine, without having to upgrade all the compute nodes. Would this be possible? What would be needed to do so in a graceful manner?