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Re: [Condor-users] condor_shadow "D" state in processes

Robert E. Parrott wrote:

Closer inspection shows that all of the condor_shadow processes owned by this user are in the "D" state, contending for what appears to be the same resources.


What could be causing such contention in a vanilla universe condor_shadow job, if not the final file transfer process? Has anyone seen such behavior before in the vanilla universe? Any hints of guesses for things to look at?

Guess :  Is the user asking to have a log file via
  log = /some/path
in his/her submit file? If so, does the path to the log file exist on NFS? Is so, then my guess is NFS locking is the culprit, I've seen it before. Try having your user specify the log file(s) write to local disk instead of NFS. Or if you are not having Condor log events from multiple jobs into the same log file, then there is no need for file locking - you could put
in the condor_config file.

hope this helps,