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Re: [Condor-users] shedd.createJobTemplate and JDL file

I believe some researchers at Univ College London implemented a JSDL -> ClassAds conversion tool as a plugin for GridSAM. You should try to locate and use that. Condor, currently, only provides an interface that accepts job descriptions represented as ClassAds.



Andre Charbonneau wrote:
I'm currently in the process of implementing a simple GUI for submitting
jobs to a condor scheduler using the web services interface.  I'm using
the "Manage grid resources with Condor Web services" tutorial as an example.

My question is the following:

What is the preferred way of creating a ClassAdStruct instance for my
jobs from JDL files?
The tutorial I'm using is using the
CondorScheddPortType.createJobTemplate(...) method.   But there doesn't
seem to be a version of this method that takes a JDL file (name or
content) as an argument.

Any information about this would be greatly appreciated.

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