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[Condor-users] International Winter School on Grid Computing 2008

International Winter School on Grid Computing 2008


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The International Winter School on Grid Computing '08 will bring together world experts and enthusiastic students. It will be delivered fully online: participants will be able to attend the School without travelling. It will examine the conceptual and practical underpinnings of today's grids. Experts will provide exciting practical exercises, discuss the challenges of building and sustaining e-Infrastructure, report its rapid influence on the way we research, design and make decisions. They will share their vision of the developments and challenges ahead.

Comparable in commitment and scope with the famous International Summer School on Grid Computing (ISSGC), the International Winter School on Grid Computing provides a unique online educational opportunity. Rigorous both in admission requirements and expected work commitment, IWSGC retains the majority of learner benefits from ISSGC while offering a high degree of flexibility.

To support the hands-on laboratory sessions, the GILDA infrastructure will host widely used middleware. The testbed will be connected to major international Grids and provide a rich environment for hands-on learning and experimentation. Exercises and team work will encourage students to learn by using this testbed.

The target audience will include enthusiastic and ambitious young researchers who expect to use or develop grids in their research. We look forward to greeting participants from virtually every continent, from any country. Applications are invited from researchers who have recently started (or are about to start) working on Grid projects. Students may be planning to pioneer or enable new forms of e- Infrastructure, engage in fundamental distributed systems research or to develop new methods in any discipline that depends on the emerging capabilities of e-Infrastructure.

Selection for the Winter School is competitive based on the information supplied on the application form and by an applicant's referee. We expect to accept between 25 and 30 students. We will be looking for students with commitment and enthusiasm for Grid research and development. We will expect competence and experience in some aspects of software development, distributed systems, computational systems, data systems and Grid applications. Most students will establish their credentials from academic qualifications, but some will base this on experience. We also welcome as participants educators who are planning to teach Grid computing. The Summer School will be conducted in English, so participants are expected to be comfortable using spoken and written English.

We expect participants from computer science, computational science and any application discipline. The School will assume that students have diverse backgrounds and will build on that diversity.

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In order to provide participants with a balanced view to possibilities of various grid technologies, we are constantly trying to make our Winter School as diverse as possible. For this reason, we are happy to announce that one more technology slot (Globus) is being added to the Winter School programme. The final Winter School programme includes a total of four technologies, thus allowing students to make comparisons and see different approaches to common challenges in distributed computing.
We are more than pleased to announce our final list of keynote speakers.
The first keynote will be given by Miron Livny, the leader of Condor project and one of the leading experts in grid computing. The second keynote will be given by Ian Foster, who is considered one of the founders of the international grid community. The final keynote will be given by Malcolm Atkinson, UK e-Science Envoy and one of the most distinguished experts in grid computing. After viewing each keynote, School participants will have a unique opportunity for live chat with the speakers.

At the present moment, we have 19 complete and 23 incomplete applications. Applications satisfying all academic requirements will be processed on first come first served basis. Considering the high number of applications, admissions to the International Winter School for Grid Computing '08 will be highly competitive. Prospective applicants are strongly advised to apply and/or complete their applications as soon as possible! ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------

Important Dates:
12th November 2007: Applications open
14th December 2007: Applications closed

Best regards,

Dr. David Fergusson
Programme Committee Chair

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School Website: http://www.iceage-eu.org/iwsgc08/
E-mail: IWSGC08@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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