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[Condor-users] Getting Condor going on an Ubuntu cluster

Hi All,

I have written up my (successful) journey of getting Condor running on
my small cluster here and churning out some benchmark results.

This might help a lot of other newbies (like me) getting a project

If anyone has any suggestions on improving the content, please let me
know. Its for a cluster living in a private network and the security settings, or lack thereof, reflect that.

Thanks to the list for your help.



Brad Goldsmith

School of Computing

University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia

Office: Launceston Campus, Computing Building, V-177

Telephone: (03) 6324 3389 International: +61-3-6324 3389

Facsimile: (03) 6324 3368 International: +61-3-6324 3368