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[Condor-users] transfers of intermediate files

Dear All,

I just installed condor on a number of machines. Now I am trying to
put some jobs into production work. However,
I encountedred a problem with transfering intermediate files. My
programs produce not only a regular console output but also a number
of files which have some valuable information. The files are updated
during the run and normally I can gather and analyse the data
``on-line'' during  very long runs (the execution time counts in
days). How can I transfer these
data to the machine submitting the jobs? I use the following script to
submit jobs

executable = pgm
arguments = f$(Process).in
universe = vanilla
output = out.$(Process)
error = err.$(Process)
log = log.$(Process)
should_transfer_output_files = yes
should_transfer_input_files = yes
should_transfer_files = yes
WhenToTransferOutput = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT
transfer_output_files = output$(Process).out
transfer_input_files = input.dat, input$(Process).inp, test
transferout = true
stream_output = true
queue 16
During the run I see that output[0-15].out files appear in the
directory with the submitting
script (on the submitting machine), but these files are empty up to
the end of the run.

Thank you in advance for any hint or help, I am desperately seeking a solution.