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Re: [Condor-users] condor speed processing question..


upon further tests, it appears that even though the information from
'condor_q' indicates the multiple instances are running in a parallel
manner, it looks as though only one (maybe two) real instances are being
processed simultaneously.

i did a continual 'condor_q' keeping track of the number of jobs that were
still left. i expected to see this reduce by more than the 1/2 per step that
i noticed. the test app that the condor process is running is a pretty
simple process which creates/writes to a new file.

so... my question. is there a way/process to get condor to fire off/run
10-20 copies at the 'same' time!



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i have a test condor node running. i'm trying to get it to create/run as
many child processes as possible. i'm currently running the config using the
'testing' attributes, and experimenting with changing the "num_cpus"

it appears that if the 'num_cpus' param is modified to be '100' condor
doesn't run at all, whereas if i set it to '20' condor runs...

is there another approach to use, to try to get condor to run more
simultaneous processes.

or would i have to tweak the source to ignore certain attributes.



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