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Re: [Condor-users] job_queue.log missing


Here is my theory. Because of the concern that my /usr partition size is 
too small, I created a spool directory on another partition and 
softlinked /usr/local/condor/spool to that directory. At that time, I 
might not have copied the file job_queue.log. This may cause problem 
for condor to create a valid job_queue.log until a dummy job_queue.log 
can ben handled by condor_preen.


On Tuesday 09 January 2007 14:56, Dan Bradley wrote:
> Junjun,
> Your job_queue.log should get updated when you submit a job.  Also,
> condor_preen should not mess with job_queue.log.  Are you getting
> indications to the contrary?
> The file should not just be zero bytes, either.  There should at
> least be a header line that indicates the historical sequence number.
>  In 6.8.3 there is a bug fix for one case in which this header line
> was not being written into the file.  If you upgrade to 6.8.3 and the
> file remains empty, I'd really like to see your SchedLog.
> --Dan