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[Condor-users] condor 6.8.8, 32 and 64 bits


Until now, I had condor 6.7.x, and the same binaries were used for 32 and 64 bits cpu. So I had setup all my lab so that each computer uses the binaires through NFS : 


Now, I would like to use 6.8.3. On the downlaod page, I found 3 packages : Itanium, Opteron and Intel x86.
When I see the file names, it seems the good packages are intel_x86 for my 32 bits, and Opteron for the 64 bits (I have debian machine, with "classical" kernel for 32 bits, and amd64 kernel for the 64 bits).

So, now I have everything, here is the question : is it possible to have the same exported variables (PATH and CONDOR_CONFIG) for 32 and 64 bits, then, according to the CPU type, it will "choose" the correct directory ?

Did someone already made a mix of both technologies ? how did you do that ?

Thanks in advance

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