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[Condor-users] Using GCB to couple two networks


I'm currently trying to couple a number of systems (denoted as network A
further on) running condor with an excisting condor pool (network B).
Since the pool is running behind a firewall and the other systems in a
private network behind a router, I chose to use GCB.
I've setup a GCB server on both networks, and opened the ports 65432 and
9618 on both public ends. The GCB-servers are able to talk to each
other, the condor Master logfile (on a network-A client) shows errors as
soon as the GCB server from the condor pool stops.
I've also used ethereal (network traffic scanner) and there was data
going through the GCB servers.

But the problem is, I cannot get a remote condor system added to the
pool. And on inspection, the GCB log file on the condor-pool side shows
these lines (censored the public IP adress of the pool):

1/16 17:11:27 [ex_cmd.c:434] *recv* INIT_COMM: canon=<>
A phyAddr=<> dest=<145.***.***.3:9618>
1/16 17:11:27 [ex_cmd.c:281] *send* NAK: -> PEER_NOT_REGISTERED

So it sends a NAK (Negative Acknowledgement) because the 'Peer is not
The three IP adresses shown are: -> GCB server in the private network A -> condor client trying to connect to:
145.***.***.3 -> public IP adress for the condor pool (network B).

What I don't understand is, why does the network B GCB server needs to
know the IP adresses from systems present in network A? 
In network B are also systems running in the 192.168.2.* network, is
this giving conflicts?

I've tried to dig up some more details from the GCB (1.4) source, but
it's not helping much.
Any ideas are more then welcome!

If you need more details about the networks, please ask!

Thanks in advance,
Marcel Kempenaar
The Netherlands