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Re: [Condor-users] BUG in condor with Windows 2003?

Hi Matt,

I have followed your advice and created a new user with limited access for Condor to run the jobs as... and allowing that user to run and execute the CMD.EXE

It seems to be working ok.

Thanks and Regards


Matt Hope wrote:
On 1/16/07, Mark Ellul <mark@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
 Hi Everyone,

 Just so this goes on the Record, the fix was setting the VM1_USER and the
VM2_USER on the condor_config.local to the administrator account.

 I had it set to DOMAIN/Administrator... which I found out was wrong from
the Starter Logs... it was supposed to be DOMAIN\Administrator

This is an awful idea - this gives any condor jobs total control over
the execute machine...

The correct fix is to alter the permissions on the cmd.exe file to be
executable by any local user (or the specific condor accounts if you

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