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[Condor-users] Condor-C on Windows problem

We have a working setup of a couple of pools with a few hundred windows
machines with linux Central Managers and linux CondorView Server.

The system is being used OK with users submitting from their own

Thought I'd have a fiddle with Condor-C, primarily for any laptop users
that want to submit jobs to run overnight, so that they can submit, take
their laptop home, and come in the next day to reconnect and collect

My first try reports errors in the submitting PCs SchedLog like:

1/31 11:07:11 Sent ad to central manager for xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx
1/31 11:07:11 Sent ad to 1 collectors for xxxxxx@xxxxxxxx
1/31 11:07:11 ERROR - gridmanager way too old!

and the jobs never get to the remote machines queue.

I have tried using both a linux and windows machine for the remote
queue with the same error on the submitting PC for either case.

Windows running 6.8.3 and linux 6.8.0

Any pointers before I start spending too much time chasing this down?