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Re: [Condor-users] condor_schedd running under the wrong user

Hi, folks.  I have a question that I hope someone may have some insite into.

The other day, for a reason that is unknown to me, the condor_schedd daemon
running on the central manager stopped running as the user "condor", which I
believe it had been previously (and which all the other daemons are running as),
and started running instead as a different user (user "x", say, who uses the
pool frequently).  This caused the condor_schedd daemon to freeze, presumably
because it couldn't write to any of it's log/execute/spool files which are only
writable as the "condor" user.  Although this issue seems to be coincident with
an upgrade of the domain/LDAP controller and nfs home directory server, I'm not
convinced that they're related (everything else seems to be working ok).

I was able to make the problem go away for a bit by killing all the daemons and
flushing the spool directory for the central manger, then restarting the
daemons.  After that the schedd daemon started up as "condor".  However, after a
while, and some more use by user "x", the schedd daemon mysteriously started
running as user "x" again.  I can't find anything in the logs that would
indicate how, when, or why this change may have happened.

Parenthetically, I'm having trouble figuring out how the daemons are determining
what user to run as to begin with.  The condor_master is started as root, but
then immediately starts running as user "condor".  All the sub-daemons run as
"condor" (collector, negotiator, startd), except the schedd, which mysteriously
runs as user "x" (unless the spool directory has been cleared).  No where in the
configuration files do I specify that the daemons run as user "condor".

I found a mail to this list from last May where a user ('rok') describes what
appears to be a very similar problem (see attached message below).
Unfortunately there weren't any replies.  Has anyone else ever experienced
anything like this?  Rok, did you ever get the issue resolved, or figure out
what was causing it?  Any thoughts at all would be very much appreciated.


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Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 12:36:46 -0700
From: Rok Roskar <roskar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [Condor-users] condor_schedd running under the wrong user...

A user submitted a job that wreaked some havoc on the daemons somehow, and now
the condor_schedd daemon is being run under her username, instead of the
'condor' user. Consequently, none of the commands that require the condor_schedd
are working, such as the condor_q or condor_submit etc. Any suggestions on how
to fix this? thanks,