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[Condor-users] Questions on Windows Deployment




I’m deploying condor on our campus labs. It’s a windows based deployment.


I’ve been fighting job authentication issues, mostly because I have applications and data installed on a windows share, I think. Here’s what I’ve done and what’s happened. I’m currently stuck and wondering what the right way to solve this problem is.


Master/Execute/Submit running on XP box, all execute hosts running on XP. All machines are part of the NT domain (this makes user switching impossible, apparently).


Applications and data are housed on a share.


When condor jobs try to run, one of a two things happen:


1)      If they run as the “transient” user (done by default), they have no access to the net.exe command, and therefore can’t mount the share.

2)      After reading all about users and condor and windows, we’ve created the condor user, and it has the rights to mount the share, which works great except, because we’re part of the NT domain, condor daemons can’t run jobs as the condor user because user switching is disabled.



What’s the correct way to resolve this issue? I’m sure there’s some obvious solution that I’ve overlooked, I just need someone to tell me what it is …