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[Condor-users] Condor-C


For testing Condor-C I did the following (according to the manual 5.3.1):
I submitted a cluster of 5 jobs with the submit-file
universe         = grid
grid_resource = condor fitze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx goldbach.math.ethz.ch
+remote_jobuniverse = 1 
+remote_requirements = True
+remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"
+remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"

my_procs        = 5
executable      = collatz4.$$(arch)
arguments       = $(Process)

log             = collatz4-C.log
output          = collatz4-C.$(Process).out
error           = collatz4-C.$(Process).err

Requirements = (Arch == "X86_64")

queue $(my_procs)
from a machine that sits (already regularly) in the Condor-pool of
'goldbach.math.ethz.ch' where I (fitze) am a UID/NFS-known user.
I did the same with '+remote_jobuniverse = 5' and in both cases the log-file only says
020 (005.000.000) 07/04 13:52:02 Detected Down Globus Resource
    RM-Contact: fitze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
026 (005.000.000) 07/04 13:52:02 Detected Down Grid Resource
    GridResource: condor fitze@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx goldbach.math.ethz.ch
and condor_q reports the jobs as being idle 'I' => The jobs are not being processed and
there is nothing special mentioned in the Condor-logfiles on both the submitter
and 'goldbach.math.ethz.ch'.
However 'normal' submission with 'universe = standard' resp ' = vanilla' works
flawlessly. What could be the cause of the failure of Condor-C?


Urs Fitze