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Re: [Condor-users] condor on 64bit (x86_64) windows

On 7/4/07, bala <cppbala@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi All,
       From the condor-6.9.3 documentation understand
that condor is not available on 64bit Windows.

The 6.8.4 versions works fine on windows 2003 server 64bit. I haven't
tested it on windows XP 64. I would expect 6.8.5 to work fine too.

  pls let me if I am wrong or anybody successfully
installed and using condor on Windows CCS environment.

Since you can now do pretty much everything with condor on windows
(from 6.8 with the RunAsOwner functionality) as you can with CCS plus
more the point of using it on CCS is much reduced. (since any benefit
of CCS regarding easier integration with your domain and the MS CCS
api's if you prefer them).

Not saying there is no reason to run condor and CCS, just that most
people would probably use one or the other unless they considered
themselves capable of handling a far more complex setup.