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[Condor-users] kerberos file system


I have condor installed with kerberos authentification. But when I
launch a job I get an error that tell I don't have the permission to
access the output file:

012 (006.000.000) 07/03 10:24:40 Job was held.
        Error from starter on vm1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: Failed to open
'/home/user/main.BOTH._f4d0c4616e4601a004deb91c64afe2d9.0.out' as
standard output: Permission denied (errno 13)
        Code 7 Subcode 13

This file system is also under kerberos. If I put the file on a
harddrive that is not under kerberos it work correctly.

Can we use a file system with kerberos with NFS? Did the processe
condor_submit transfert the ticket from the submit machine to the
execution machine?


Frederic Bastien