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[Condor-users] submitting job to web services enabled gatekeeper


I am wondering if anyone else has faced this problem when submitting jobs against a web services enabled gatekeeper.

The simple case (job submitted to fork job manager from command line works fine). However when I submit job (using a submit file) to condor-g, it gets held with following error on submit node

HoldReason = "Globus error: The requested algorithm http://www.globus.org/2002/04/xmlenc#gssapi-sign does not exist. Original Message was: null"
HoldReasonCode = 0
HoldReasonSubCode = 0

The submit file is as follows:

Universe        = grid
Grid_Type       = gt4
Jobmanager_Type = Condor
GlobusScheduler = https://fermigrid1.fnal.gov:9443
Executable      = /bin/date
Output          = job.output
Error           = job.error
Log             = job.log

As far as I can tell, submit file is ok. Is this in any way due to some  misconfiguration on gatekeeper node?

Any help is appreciated.

- Neha