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[Condor-users] Installing and running Condor on a Client/server cluster

I have a thesis to be delivered next Monday about Grid Computing. The topic is about building a cluster in our university and connecting it to a Grid. I am stuck at some part that is Condor-related.
I am trying to install condor on two machines with scientific linux that are connected as client/server. I followed the manual exactly and installed condor on the server machine, while sharing the  usr/local/condor folder on both machines. When I finish installing I use condor_status to check which machines are there. I get an output indicating that the server machine is the only one that is available as below.

Name                      OpSys         Arch         State         Activity          LoadAv        Mem        ActvtyTime

server.localcluster LINUX          INTEL      Owner       Idle                  0.000           128          0+00:00:14

I get the same message when i execute condor_status on the client and on the server. That means that the client is not identified in the pool ! I don't know what is the problem. Should i do the installation steps on the client machine too? I don't think so because the condor folder is already shared. 
I edited the condor_config.local file of each machine in the /hosts folder, but yet there is no change. 

What do you think ?? What is the problem? I have been stuck in it for 2 days, and i have to deliver the project in 4 days :(