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Re: [Condor-users] submit problem

Starting the daemons as root is OK, but root is not allowed
to run jobs.

The IDs should be set to id and group_id of the condor user.
The daemons (typically) are run from root but then drop to condor
user for most of their work (there has been some work in this are
but I think that is still basically the case)

Not allowing root to run jobs is a security restriction.
If this were allowed, then in a pool with certain settings
(shared UID space, appropriate root-squash settings) then:
* Person adds node to pool
* person logs in as root
* person can then run jobs AS ROOT on ANY machine in WHOLE pool

... oops! ...

Hence, jobs cannot be run from root.



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Subject: [Condor-users] submit problem
I have managed to launch the daemon "condor_master" .I´m working as root
My problem is that when I try to launch a task it me appears the error:

submitting jobs as user/group 0 (root) is not allowed for security reasons.

In have "condor_config" modified the ids to 0.0

Any idea?

Moda para esta temporada. Ponte al día de todas las tendencias. 

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