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Re: [Condor-users] The external program can't write result file via NFS...

Hi Moriya,

There are limitations to what code executing under the standard universe can do. These limitations are listed at:


In particular, look at the first point...


Moriya Takehiro wrote:
Hi All,

The program written by C language is made to run from standard
universe, and an external program is called from the program by the
sysytem() function. But The external program can't write result file
via NFS...

In case of not using Condor system, the result file can be generated
to Central Manager by an external program in several Client machine
via NFS.

Is there a restriction such as being not able to use an external
command (system() function) when Condor is used?Or, cannot NSF be

Please pardon English not read easily.

Gridy Inc.
CEO Moriya Takehiro
Tokyo, Japan
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