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Re: [Condor-users] condor status

I'll deal with the easy case first:

> On my Central Manager if I execute condor status don´t appear any
> information.

You're not seeing anything because the condor_collector on your central machine doesn't have any startd nodes to tell you about. Try:

condor_status -any

And it'll tell you about *all* the different daemons in your system. Not just ones that run jobs.

> When I try to submit a task from my second to the central manager and I
> execute condor_status apear this error:
> CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>
> Error:Couldn´t contact the condor collector on maquina1.upct.es

This means condor_status can't talk to maquina1.upct.es. It seems to think this machine has an IP address of -- which is the local loopback address. I'd start by check /etc/hosts and making sure that's set up properly. And if that's okay check DNS. Make sure 'dig maquina1.upct.es' is resolving to the real IP address of that machine and not the local loopback address.

- Ian