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Re: [Condor-users] dagman error

On Thu, 31 May 2007, PAUL PHILIP TRIPP wrote:

> I am trying to run the sample dagman file. I used the make file and
> everything seemed to work. But then I submit: ./condor_submit_dag
> /home/condor/Desktop/dagman/diamond.dag
> I keep getting: ERROR: can't find condor_dagman in PATH, aborting.
> I was working through the other example programs and they all worked
> fine. I tried starting the condor_dagman deamon on its own and I get the
> error: No 'DAGMAN_LOG' parameter specified." at line 121 in file
> dprintf_config.c
> What do I have to do to get dagman jobs to run?

What's going on is that condor_dagman is not in your path (the list of
directories where the shell searches for programs to run).  On Linux,
etc., you can see your path by giving the command 'echo $path'.  On
Windows, just run the command 'path'.

>From the command line above, it looks like you are running in a directory
containing the condor_submit_dag binary, but that '.' is not in your path.

There are basically two things you can do to get this to work:
1. Explicitly specify a DAGMan binary.
2. Add the directory containing the DAGMan binary to your path.

Since it looks like your current directory contains condor_submit_dag, it
also probably contains condor_dagman.  If that's the case, you can do the

    ./condor_submit_dag -dagman ./condor_dagman /home/condor/Desktop/dagman/diamond.dag

The real solution, though, is to change your path so that it includes the
directory in which the condor binaries are installed.  The details of
doing this depend on exactly what shell you're running, but basically you
edit your .bashrc or .cshrc file, or whatever, and add the Condor binary
directory to the path.

Here's some info about setting the path on Windows:


Kent Wenger
Condor Team