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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with Group Accounting, another question...

Hi Richard,

what about using DAGman and the -maxjobs option to condor_submit_dag. That does precisely what you want.


Hi Jason,
This does work, and is sufficient to fix my problem for now.
However, I see now that accounting does not do exactly what I want to accomplish. In my case, I have different types of jobs, with different numbers of available licenses. For example, Type A has 5 licenses and Type B has 10 licenses. What I really want to do is limit the number of jobs for each type, to the appropriate number of running jobs. But I see that the "sum of all quotas must be less than or equal to the number of machines in the pool." What will happen if this requirement is not met? In my case, I have 15 machines in the pool, so I may allocate quotas of 5 and 10, but if a machine drops out, what will happen? And if I want to add another group for license limit reason, I need to reduce the quota for the other groups (or add more machines). Is there any chance to implement a feature (or extension to the group accounting feature) that allow to specify a max number of jobs for a given group? In this way, I could have an arbitrary number of groups, with appropriately set limits, without the requirement that the sum of all quotas is > the # of machines.

Jason Stowe wrote:

So accounting Groups are set to group.user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I would set
your +AccountingGroup="group_vsim@xxxxxxxxxxxx" or some such. You can
also explicitly set autoregroup to false.

Let me know how that works out, as there are more detailed steps to
debug this if that doesn't work.

Hope that helps,

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