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[Condor-users] Clipped Mac OSX

I'm with the SAGE group on the wisc campus (www.sage.wisc.edu). We have a cluster of 40 Mac G5 processors, and we are considering adding a number of 8 core Mac Pros to the mix.

Are there plans for un-clipping the Mac version of Condor? We would really like checkpointing to work.

The largest complaint with the condor setup is when a job gets evicted for one reason or another, and the run needs to start from scratch on another machine. The scientists I'm working with often have week-long jobs, so this is a serious problem.

We might abandon using condor in favor of stand alone machines to put fewer possible interruptions between the scientists and the hardware. (I hope not, though. I'm sure I have things configured correctly this time...)


PS: I realize I can configure condor to *never* evict a job, but my intent is to only evict my 'nice' jobs whenever any other jobs are submitted.